Frequently Asked Questions:

Baby wipes are primarily composed of mild cleansing lotions that are tested for their sensitivity on delicate skin. De-Wipe decontamination wipes are engineered to eliminate the carcinogenic toxins you can’t see.

Ask yourself: are the cancerous hydrocarbons and chlorinated dioxins produced from burning plastic an everyday pollutant? A wipe that is specifically formulated to deal with these pollutants is required.

Our scientific study conducted with leading toxicology professors at Manchester Metropolitan University found that De-Wipe removes a significant 70% more cancer-inducing pollutants than baby wipes. Read more about why you should Wipe It Off and not Take it Home with De-Wipe instead of baby wipes.  

Through working with our team of senior toxicology professors at Manchester Metropolitan University, we are able to conclude that De-Wipe is scientifically proven to remove the most harmful chlorinated dioxins and toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from skin. 

Associate Director of the Ecology & Environment Research Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University Dr David Megson said: “The one thing we can say positively now that De-Wipe are effectively removing pollutants from a variety of different surfaces and were able to remove polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and were able to remove dioxins.”

Download the results of De-Wipe’s scientific study.

Yes of course. Our wipes are developed for skin but they can be used on kit without harming it or leaving any residue. 

Our range of specially formulated after fire equipment wipes are perfect to use vigorously on your equipment, vehicle cabs, helmets, face masks and gloves – or any other exposed surface. Head to our After Fire Equipment Wipes page to learn more.

Yes – De-Wipe is more than just green packaging. We are the UK’s only 100% biodegradable decontamination wipe. When you choose De-Wipe, you’re choosing to be kind to the planet. #CleanAndGreen

When choosing De-Wipe, you can rest assured that you’re not just using a wipe that’s kind to the planet – it’s kind to animals too.

We’re proud of the fact our decontamination products are cruelty free and are not tested on animals at any stage of their development.

We are a UK limited company based manufacture and we distribute all around the globe.

We can deliver next day if required – normal delivery times are within 2 days following your order. 

De-Wipe Decontamination Wipes come in three pack sizes:

  • Individual Single Sachet Medium 30x20cm
  • Individual Single Sachet Large 60x30cm
  • Multi-pack of 40 medium sachets 30x20cm

De-Wipe equipment wipes are available in a single resealable container of 80 wipes.

Andy Clifford Watch Manager & Operational Risk Management at South Wales Fire & Rescue Service Headquarters has this to say:

“We decided to purchase DeWipe following evaluations and trials and found the product provided good removal of varied contaminates and were of different sizes which met our requirements.

Pricing was very competitive and the product was available in the quantities we required.

It was important to have a supplier that was trusted and could provide stock when required.

To meet our requirements our Doctor in Occupational Health along with our Health Safety department required evidential documentation to comply with certain elements which were readily available.”


Ruth Baller-Wilson Watch Manager at Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has this glowing report:

MFRS have been using De-wipe for a number of months now and feedback is positive. With increasing knowledge of firefighter safety regarding contaminants, it is vital that firefighters are able to sufficiently remove the products of combustion at their earliest opportunity.

The De-Wipe is perfect for this task; large, moist, and strong.  1 wipe is generally sufficient to clean face, neck and hands.

They don’t leave any residue behind and have a fresh scent.”


Simon Woodward Head of Emergency Services & Airfield Security at Manchester Airport Fire Service decided to use De-Wipe as safeguarding his crew was an urgent priority:

“As a responsible employer dedicated to ensuring Firefighter safety, Manchester Airport Rescue & Firefighting Service sourced and procured De-wipe to support the ongoing safety of our personnel.

The product has been used during training and real incidents and has proven excellent in removing contaminants and  especially the high risk skin areas potentially exposed to harmful substances.

The wipes come in different sizes and quantities which gives us flexibility for storage and use, the delivery and explanation of design was excellent, they clean really well and leave a fresh scent after use.”


Chris Ball Head of Governance and Asset Management Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue Service reduces the risk with De-Wipe:

“We decided to purchase De-Wipe following evaluations and trials and found the wipe provided excellent removal of pollutants.

Knowing that this is the only company in the UK with scientific results also gave us confidence to purchase. The 100% biodegradability keeps us as a service cleaner and greener!

As a service, we opted for the X-Large wipe as following trials, we decided that you can wipe down the risk with just one wipe.”

De-Wipe is scientifically proven to remove the most toxic and waterborne contaminants from skin. Read the positive results of our scientific study. 

De-Wipe is not a cure for COVID-19; however, our wipes contain ingredients with anti-viral properties – including chemical formula C6H8O7. Our wipe’s other ingredients are ‘soap-like’ chemicals known as ‘surfactants’. Surfactants disturb a virus’ structure helps against the virus spreading. 

Public Health England guidance suggested via the NHS is to wash hands with soap and water in order to contain the spreading of the virus. De-Wipe contains a mixture of solvents, soaps and water together with other active anti-viral ingredients that enable our wipes to be used as a source of contamination control and general hygiene where soap and water aren’t available.

De-Wipe Alcohol Free Sanitiser Wipes are anti-bacterial and anti-viral as confirmed in their conformity to BS EN 1276 & BS EN 14476. They’re more effective when compared to alcohol wipes as they have a slower evaporation rate (and obviously, they’re better for your skin and equipment).

With regards to COVID-19 strain, there is currently nothing on the market to say it can kill COVID-19 but our wipes contain anti-viral ingredients and can kill coronaviruses.

We have carried out our own tests on all known germs and the De-Wipe Alcohol Free Sanitiser wipes are able to remove >99.999% of E. coli and K. pneumonia, and of S. aureus (3 of the most harmful and widespread bacterias).

As soon as any lab can get hold of COVID-19 strain, we will of course be testing for this also.

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